SUNSON outcomes pursue a technological breakthrough in compact concentration solar powe and renewable energy sources conversion to generate electricity with a modular and scalable approach to increase its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Operating at ultrahigh temperatures (>1200°C) provides higher efficiency ratios in converters and it is of particular interest for latent heat storage systems, as they offer up to 10 times the storage capacity of current molten salt-based storages at 600-800°C, resulting in a decrease of 10 times the overall system size and reducing the scale-size associated costs.



SUNSON-BOX will be the first prototype of its kind, combining novel developments into a single ultra-compact system (10 times less volume than current concentration solar power systems), capable of working over 1200ºC. It consists of 3 main components:

(1) charging system by solar radiation with advanced concentration solar power optics,

(2) ultra-high temperature Phase-change material storage system,

(3) discharging system by thermophotovoltaics generators to produce electricity on demand.



Storing the sunshine in a box and efficiently convert it into electricity on demand