Sisterhood Projects

The Sisterhood community aims to enhance collaboration among its members through various initiatives. These include featuring the Sisterhood project link and logo on members' websites, sharing project updates in newsletters, and promoting key events across all Sisterhood websites and social media platforms. Members will also invite representatives to participate in each other’s events, co-organize events and conference sessions, and engage in joint online and onsite meetings. Additional activities include liking and sharing social media posts, co-authoring publications, and distributing shared factsheets to foster a cohesive and supportive community. Thus, SUNSON has created two sisterhood community: the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) sisterhood community and the High-tempearture Thermal Energy Storage (TES) sisterhood community.



PYrolysis of biomass by concentrated SOLar pOwer



Air-Brayton cycle Concentrated Solar Power future plants via redox oxides based structured thermochemical heat exchangers/thermal boosters



Air-based Solar Thermal Electricity for Efficient Renewable Energy Integration & Compressed Air Energy Storage



High-Temperature Thermochemical Heat Storage Powered by Renewable Electricity for Industrial Heating Applications


Storing sunshine and wind to make cheap energy available at all times.

The Thermobat project will develop the first latent heat thermophotovoltaic battery to store large amounts of renewable energy